How the sport of yachting compares with its recreational aspects

Expert Author Errol Grange

We are too often sucked into writing about things we love. This leads us to self-reflection, and we are inspired to share our passions. I have written extensively about my obsession – or passion – for sailing. Specifically, yachting. Some would lump them together as a “branding vertical”, but they are two separate businesses. Read more now yacht food mallorca

Yes, it’s true, yachting is more sophisticated than sailing. Yachting is a completely different experience than sailing. You will still benefit from the skills that you have learned as a sailer, but it’s a whole new world. The vessel is different from your typical schooner. Let me explain.

The typical yacht rental is not going to teach you much about the yacht’s history or characteristics. It was only relatively recently that the idea of a yacht as a waterborne conveyance for royal persons began to spread. The word “yacht”, which is derived from the Dutch “jacht,” means “to hunt.” Never ones to be a victim of pirates’ exploits, the Dutch used yachts to track down Scandinavian pirates as well as criminals in the North Sea. Wikipedia cites Gardiner & Lavery’s The Line of Battle : The Sailing Warship (1650-1840) as the source. According to Wikipedia, it was not until Charles II of England selected the vessel to “return to Britain from Holland to complete his restoration” that the yacht gained popularity and prestige. So it started.

A yacht today can be one of two types: motorized or sail-powered. True yachtsmen, on the other hand, would be horrified by the idea of sailing a motorized vessel. This is contrary to the sport and culture of yachting. It is true that the yacht has a long history as a recreational vessel. Charles II did not man the rigging to try and win the America’s Cup. A slow, leisurely cruise along the coast is reserved for the romantic and idle.

This cultural pastiche is influenced by the popularity of weddings and gatherings with a yacht theme. This plays to the exclusivity of a yacht which is a beautiful affair, as my fans and followers can attest. A yacht wedding is not the same as the sport of sailing. It’s more about the champagne and polite conversation. In defense of social gatherings it shouldn’t be.

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