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To seek wholeness, the balance of feminine and masculine energies

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We are entering a new year or a new decade. This is a great opportunity to reflect on our lives, and to make the most of our insights to help us live better lives. Webpage.

Each of us has a combination of masculine, feminine energies and are constantly in motion.

The masculine energies of the male are defined by their linearity, mental focus, and orientation to goals.

The feminine energies are circular and concerned with feeling and emotion. They also expand the mind.

These energies should not be viewed as being gender-specific. We can change the paradigm and see them as the Divine has taken control of consciousness. Consciousness lives in a constant cycle of contraction and expansion. We directly feel this pulsation every day. This pulsation takes place in our cells, and in the cosmic universe.

These energies can be deconstructed to their pure form when you stop labelling them and discard any cultural biases. This allows you to operate on the spiritual level.

You can use the process of self-reflection to reflect and record how your primary energies are manifesting in your life. What are your tendencies when it comes to managing your job, your family, and your relationships with other people? We all have a mixture of these energies, and the proportions vary with every situation. However, you can identify distinct patterns if only you become more aware of them and then make them explicit.

By balancing your energies, you can have a more satisfying life after you’ve explored and discovered your patterns.

There will be a preference in how you conduct your daily life. Habits are part of who we all are. Is your vision being served by these habits? If you don’t (this is self reflection), it is up for you to create the energy that is hidden or not developed in order to integrate. You can find integration by bringing in your mind to play if you discover that you are more focused on your feelings than your analysis when making a decision. These energies are to be integrated into a divinely synchronized pulse.

You can practice tuning in to a larger energy that holds all of the energies within you. You will find it easier to align your energies in ways that bring you more harmony. When you feel more peace and satisfaction when using this practice, it is a sign that your harmony is enhanced. Your intuition and intelligence will be more able to detect when your energies are in a dynamic balance. You will experience the long-awaited sense that you are whole.

This is how you live a balanced lifestyle. Integrating the primary energies of our universe into a divine partnership is called “the integration of the primary energy of the universe”. You are reminded to align with your highest parts in ways that bring harmony to all of them.