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Siberian Chaga Mushroom-Herbal Therapy and Side effects

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Siberian Chaga mushroom has been a well-respected folk remedy in Russia that is used to treat and prevent cancer. When people were drinking chaga tea, the incidences of cancers was much lower than when they were drinking regular tea. You can see soulcybin scam on our website.

Internet is filled with information regarding chaga mushroom. How chaga mushroom can be used for cancer prevention, treatment, and recovery after chemotherapy. What side effects are there?

Herbal therapy, Chaga Mushroom

As a treatment for cancer, and after chemotherapy, herbal therapy is frequently used. It enhances the therapeutic effectiveness of many medications. One of the best herbs to help with anti-tumor treatment is Chaga mushroom.

Siberian siberian chaga mushroom, while a potent treatment in its own right, can also be combined with herbs that are anti-cancer.


– Sweet flag

– Calendula flowers

St. John’swort


This herb can be simply used to make tea. To make a chaga-decoction, add two teaspoons to each herb and then you can drink the mixture 3-4x per day.

You should mention the following herbs that can be used in treatment of cancers of the abdominal cavity and gastrointestinal tract:

Yarrow (grass).

– Rose hips (fruit)

Wormwood is a grass.

Licorice Root

– Pine buds

This recipe uses these herbs.

Let all the ingredients soak in water for at least 1 hour (1 part dried herbs/10 parts water). Boil it. You can then use the “water bath” method – place a container or bowl with your concoction and a saucepan of boiling water in another saucepan. Heat it for about 2 hours. Allow it to cool down for 24 hours. Combine the honey, apple vinegar and water, strain, and mix. You can store the mixture in the fridge. 3x a day, take one cup of the tea spoon before you eat. You can use it as an added support in treatment with chaga mushroom for 2 weeks.