The Gold IRA Rollover – How to Invest Like a Billionaire

It’s well known that imitation is not only a great method of flattery, but it is also the best way to learn and model the success of others. If you are seeking financial success, there is no better role model than a millionaire. You can get the best gold IRA companies in this sites.

What Billionaires Are Educated About

While their world views may differ, billionaires such John Paulson (George Soros), Carlos Slim and John Soros all confess to having some gold in their wealth. Warren Buffet, a man who favors “productive investments”, says gold has proven to be a valuable asset in times when inflation is high.

Do you still remember those dark, stormy days in 2008? When the stock market nearly crashed, retirement accounts suffered a loss of $2 trillion in less than 15 months. Where could your money have gone if it had not been for the stock market’s near crash?

That’s right, gold.

If you had invested in gold in 2001 you would have seen your capital grow by 700%. Let’s go over that again. A growth of 700%. This decade was also one that saw the greatest economic growth in human history. The stock market collapsed, and gold thrived. Why? Why?

Could this ever happen again? Today, we’re in the largest stock-market bubble in history. Many experts believe it’s only the matter of time until that bubble bursts. Change your investment strategy now if you don’t want to see your retirement savings lose value due another collapse of the economy.

Why the Billionaires Have Gold

Gold is nature’s hardest asset. For thousands of year, gold has been the store of civilization’s value. This is because gold is an intrinsically valuable and tangible resource. Globally, gold can be used as an alternative form of money. It was mentioned in Scripture 417 times. Gold is not subjected to the same dilutions or devaluations as other paper investments, like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. It isn’t at the mercy either of financial institutions or governments. It cannot be printed like currency, and unlike stocks it won’t ever be merged or divided. The direction of the stock exchange has always been in opposition to gold. Billionaires recognize that gold is an excellent option to reduce volatility or vulnerability in their portfolios.

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