Understanding Executive Condominiums

A executive condominium can be defined as a type of housing designed to accommodate the different needs of citizens. This includes young professionals, graduates and other people who could not access private properties but had to settle for a flat. Executive Condominiums have similar features and designs to private condos. This is because the developers and sellers of these units are private. A lot of Executive Condominiums have the same facilities as condos. There is only one major difference: there’s a 99-year term lease instead of freehold. Read more now on Altura EC.


To be eligible to purchase a condo, a buyer must fulfill certain criteria. It is necessary that the applicant be either a resident permanente or a citizen. Like different housing schemes, they must be the nucleus of a large family. For such a purchase, a certain amount of income per month is needed.


Certain incentives are available to help people owning an executive condominium. Housing grants depend on the citizenship of a person.

Many different locations are being used to build Executive Condominiums. One of the most important things about these developments is the size. These are built to be able accommodate many people. They are good at their job and build some of the best structures.

There are a lot of luxurious residential units and land. The units range from studios to units with up five bedrooms, and may or may be equipped with private lift lobby. Semi detached homes and bungalows are sometimes included in the development.

Due to the fact that these establishments are available in a wide range of sizes, couples, singles or families can find something suitable.

Most of the projects are located near public transportation and expressways. Residents, and those that have to move around, will benefit from this. Most of the time, you can find some fantastic recreational activities nearby.

The malls that surround these projects are able to meet the banking, retailing and dining requirements of their residents. The residents can easily get the service they need, which will improve their quality of living.

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